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Sette Teste is a little mountain hotel ideally overlooking the bustling village at the north of the Asiago Plateau. From the balconies of its rooms you can enjoy a beautiful glance over the surrounding landscape including the charming and scenic Belluno Dolomites. It has 8 rooms, 2 single and 6 double rooms, all with private bath, TV and phone service.

A homely welcome to you in our little cosy hotel for perceiving strong feelings being amazed by landscapes and traditions of this part of Veneto.

trekking in altopiano di asiago
If you love hiking, after the generous breakfast served in our hotel you get the right energy to face the beautiful walks in the forests around Enego or to climb the paths which lead to higher scenic pastures.
From the hotel you can easily reach the interesting natural area of Marcesina, numerous picturesque villages of the Asiago Plateau and famous historical sites..
albergo trattoria sette teste - p.i.01802560241
2018 - credits Milo Morelli