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Sette Teste has a tradition of more than 150 years. The experience of the family Meneghini, who led the hotel since its origin, is now a benefit of Roberto that, with his original cuisine, is marked by numerous restaurant guides.

At Sette Teste you will find a daily menu, hand-written with chalk on the blackboard. You will eat the dishes that the cook instinctively prepares for his guests, always using excellent fresh products of the surrounding.

"Le Trippe"
Trippe Sorana: they are always fresh, supplied by the neighbour butcher , once managed by the Meneghini family. They are prepared getting out fat for making them lighter without losing their distinctive taste.
They are lasagne with butter coming from Alpine summer pasture, parmigiano and asiago cheese. Also with shoots of wild spinach, harvest on mountain pastures. Very delicate and balanced taste.
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2018 - credits Milo Morelli