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Matching wine with food is so difficult. There are many different opinions about this matter so you can have a free approach or decide not to transgress strict rules. At Sette Teste Roberto will make you choose between your insights and his great experience. His cellar contains many national and international labels as some good local and selected italian wines.

Drinking calmly a good glass of wine rises a special atmosphere: in the evening especially, looking at the rocky mountains in the background, you can be delighted by your thoughts and your guests. Then you can stop at Sette Teste for the night.

Build yourself a wonderfully spacious wine cellar to be stocked with many many bottles, some upright, others on their sides, to be enjoyed in the evenings throughout the year, chuckling at the thought of those without wine, women or song who are supposed to live ten years more than you (Giacomo Bologna).

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2018 - credits Milo Morelli